What’s The Deal With Audiobooks?


It’s no secret – the digital publishing world is making room for audiobooks in a big way, and with good reason. Following our trip to the London Book Fair last week, we’ve been buzzing with excitement about the upward trend of audiobooks in the Canadian and global markets.

Michelle Cobb, Executive Director of the Audio Publishers Association explained in detail the growth circle of audiobooks to an eager crowd of publishing professionals:


We’ve got a keen interest in getting involved with and promoting the success of all of the above. Not only does this emerging medium offer new prospects to publishers and authors alike, but it opens new possibilities for readers, librarians and consumers alike. Audiobooks are accessible, innovative and seemingly trendy (nearly half of consumers are under the age of 35!).

With the emergence of new subscription services and many major retailers now selling audiobooks on their websites, we’re eager to jump on board with the trend and help put Canadian content on the scene.

Watch this space for updates and more information as we continue to expand our knowledge and professional reach into the world of audiobooks.

For now, check out this Audiobooks infographic we put together to give you the audiobook market highlights.

*Have you got audiobook titles in your catalogue already and are eager to promote them? Reach out to our Sales and Marketing Specialist Cassondra for a chat: cassondra_dolan@eboundcanada.org

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