eBOUND is a not-for-profit organization with the purpose of advancing the digital engagement of Canadian publishers, no matter their level of expertise.


If you’re a Canadian publisher ready to send your print books out in the digital realm, then you’re ready for eBOUND’s conversion assistance. Handled by some of the best conversion houses and design teams in the industry, eBOUND clients enjoy exclusive rates that ensure the best product for the best price.

Conversion more of an in-house project? eBOUND has indispensable resources readily available. Tutorials, webinars—eBOUND’s expert support enables our publishers to produce only the highest-quality ebooks.

Conversant with the evolving industry, eBOUND keeps clients up-to-date on the current standards and specifications of the digital market, so titles stay live in stores longer. Our clients get the most out of their formats, whether it’s PDF or ePUB3. eBOUND ensures publishers stay supported in a continually changing market.

Conversion services are offered as part of our suite of services, and, unfortunately we are not able to provide conversion quotes for non-clients. If you are interested in joining eBOUND, please see our cliental guidelines or fill out an application today.

Due to the small size of our team, we are only prepared to assist the needs of established publishers with five or more published titles in their list. If you are a self-published author, or interested in starting your own publishing operation, please see our reference page for self-published authors.


Through our carefully vetted retailer and wholesaler agreements, eBOUND clients gain access to a varied array of markets, at competitive rates. We advocate for our clients, saving them time, money, and offering only the most beneficial terms for small to mid-size publishers.

We are constantly researching and reassessing the digital marketplace, discovering new methods to deliver your books into untapped and lucrative markets. We stay on the forefront by continually adding new and promising distribution partners. For a list of vendors we currently have agreements with, click here.

We make sure the way to profitability is clear so publishers can focus on content, not complications. Our team is well-versed in the proprietary requirements of all of our vendor partners, and will help ensure that no metadata errors or file compatibility issues prevent our clients’ ebooks from reaching the widest audience possible.


With the wisdom that only comes with years of experience (and high levels of exposure to metadata) we not only get our clients’ ebooks into market—we help get them noticed. Through direct relationships with many of the major and upcoming online retailer and library wholesalers, eBOUND offers special rates and exclusive promotions that put Canadian content in front of the eyes of book buyers around the globe (dependant on territorial rights, of course).


eBOUND’s online portal, Digital Dashboard, integrates sales reports from different vendors in one convenient place. We process, audit, and secure all payments in a transparent manner, so royalty statements are a snap.

Digital Asset Management

On the strength of our collective bargaining power, eBOUND has secured the services of Ingram CoreSource, one of the world’s top Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems. From production, through conversion and distribution, all the way to merchandising, DAM is the backbone of all digital activities for books, both digital and print. CoreSource’s primacy in the digital publishing industry means it is constantly evolving and improving as it rises to customer demand. eBOUND clients stand to benefit from these ever-expanding utilities, offered at a price no one else can even come close to.

Asset Management

A DAM supports books throughout the publishing process. Say goodbye to overloaded email inboxes, conflicting versions of files, and floating USB keys. With all relevant material stored in one place, it’s easy to access and update assets.


The DAM can currently accept metadata in ONIX 2.1 or 3.0 format. No ONIX? No problem! CoreSource is Excel-friendly and will do the work of converting data into an XML feed. Metadata can be sent to multiple distributors at the simple push of a button. The DAM will do all the behind-the-scenes work to ensure that each distributor receives the data they require


eBOUND has secured competitive rates with retail and wholesale partners across the world through direct agreements, and CoreSource grants access to an additional 57 retail partners—but where that data goes and when is up to the individual user. Through daily automated deliveries or manual distribution, the DAM delivers new or updated content files and metadata exactly when our publishers decide to.


Ingram CoreSource provides the tools for publishers to receive up-to-the-minute reports. eBOUND clients have access to a range of content and metadata fitness reports, which make it easy to verify books are live and their metadata is accurate

Archiving and Disaster Management

Secure, off-site storage of copies of files, backed up in multiple physical locations, is built right into the DAM. No matter what, your digital assets are safe.

Research & Education

We provide the resources Canadian publishers need to stay at the forefront of the digital publishing industry.

Operating in an industry that changes in the blink of an eye leaves little time to keep abreast of new developments, let alone refine valuable skill sets. At eBOUND, keeping well-informed of the latest in digital publishing is our raison d’être. We ensure our clients enjoy continual access to comprehensive and practical material from the comfort of their own home (or office).


eBOUND offers an ongoing series of webinars targeting topics publishers struggle with most. Touching on every area of the industry—marketing, e-production, vendor relations, etc.—these online seminars are hosted by industry leaders and held frequently throughout the year. Our past webinars are archived here. Please be aware only eBOUND clients have access to our entire list.

Workshops & Round Tables

Semi-annual, in-person workshops have become a staple of eBOUND’s Professional Development mandate. We offer expert hands-on training in key locations across the country, for both our clients and the public at large. These workshops provide an opportunity for members of the production community to come together and discuss the challenges and opportunities they face in their roles creating ebooks.

ebookcraft at Tech Forum

Tech Forum is an annual conference presented by BookNet Canada that focuses on technology, data-driven approaches, and collaboration in the book industry.

ebookcraft programming is integrated into the larger Tech Forum conference, with digital publishing workshops and talks taking place over two days. eBOUND is proud to co-present this event with BookNet Canada!

White Papers

eBOUND researches the state of the digital industry, identifying the best practices for small-to-mid-sized Canadians publishers. Available at no cost to our clients, these papers are presented at major conferences across the country.


eBOUND clients receive weekly newsletters addressing the issues that digital publishers need to know. Technical updates, DAM alerts, “how-to” tutorials, industry news, registrations for eBOUND events, and more, all assembled and delivered to one convenient place—the inbox.

Sending ebooks into the digital marketplace is only half the battle. Survive the fracas, let eBOUND be the personal champion of Canadian publishers.
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