Webinar Recording: Metadata, Marketing, Sales & Licensing for the K-12 eBook Market: A Review of Best Practices for Canadian Publishers

An overview of best practices to increase eBook sales to the ever elusive K-12 educational market. Barbara Howson, co-author of the soon to be released eBOUND report on this subject, will highlight opportunities to increase your ebook sales.

Barbara Howson started Howson Consulting as a unique service for the publishing industry that is designed to help clients deliver on their goals of growth in sales and licensing in Canadian and international markets. She provides services such as sales and licensing, business planning, and market strategy development. Barbara’s approach is built from a deep understanding of industry fundamentals combined with strategic thinking and informed by thirty years of experience. This holistic model enables decision-making that drives growth and diversification within the publishing industry. Respective deadlines noted in this message.

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