Open Source Ebook Production, presented by David Ward

If EPUB is an open standard, why aren’t more people paying attention to the huge number of open source tools available to ebook developers? Classically, book publishers have been under the proverbial yoke of proprietary software packages and formats in order to make and distribute their content, but there is a whole world of powerful open-source software available to publishers worldwide through a handful of mouse clicks. They should not be ignored.

This video focuses on those tools that are available to publishers, and specifically ebook developers, in order to distribute their content on a global scale but without trapping themselves in multi-license, multi-year contracts. Open standards deserve open products; the two go hand in hand.

In this video, hosted by David Ward, you’ll learn about:

  • File formats
  • Powerful text editors
  • PostScript readers and creators
  • Scripts for quick ebook creation and validation
  • Online tools for ebook and web publishing formats
  • Specifications for ebook and web standards
  • Image creation and manipulation software


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