Master Facebook Marketing

Facebook’s reach is unmatched in the social media space. The platform has over 1.3 billion monthly active users who on average spend 18 minutes per visit on the site. As a publisher you already know that Facebook needs to be an integral part of your audience outreach, but are you doing everything you can to grow your influence and audiences on the platform?

In this 1-hour video, Boxcar Marketing’s Monique Sherrett will show you how to start building a solid Facebook marketing plan that gets results. Topics covered include:

  • Edgerank. Edgerank is the Facebook algorithm that determines what people see in their News Feeds. Learn how to use Facebook Insights and Facebook ads to increase the visibility of your content to existing fans.
  • Graph Search. Graph Search is Facebook’s powerful search engine that lets you see the connections between people, places and interests. Ads. It starts with the Power Editor and features that are only available within this tool. Get the most up-to-date, comprehensive insights on how to properly create and manage Facebook ads.
  • Custom Audiences. Custom audiences allow you to target existing email subscribers with Facebook ads, whether they are fans of your Facebook page or not.
  • Facebook Conversion Tracking. Nobody has more data on Facebook than Facebook so why not let Facebook optimize your ads for conversions rather than just clicks or impressions?

Facebook Marketing Resources

Want more Facebook marketing info? Start by checking out Boxcar Marketing’s Facebook Marketing Resources page. You can also refer to Monique’s slide deck from her presentation, below:


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