Video: Ebook Pricing Strategies with Nathan Maharaj

Here at eBOUND we often get asked “how should I price my ebooks?” or “what is the best price for x type of ebooks?”. This is one of the most difficult questions to answer since pricing precedents haven’t really been set in the turbulent ebook marketplace. Sure $9.99 is often touted as the magic number, but it would be foolish to slap that price on all of your books without a pricing strategy that resonates with your intended market. To help clear the air on this important question we enlisted the help of Kobo Merchandising guru Nathan Maharaj.

In this session recorded in June 2012, Nathan shares essential ebook pricing insights and strategies based on that all-important factor: data. If you’ve ever had questions about ebook pricing and want to learn how you can maximize your sales, this webinar is essential viewing.

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