Vendor Notification Program (VNP)

Dear eBOUND publishers! In an effort to promote your frontlist titles in as many ways as possible, we’re requesting advanced notice of what you’ll be publishing in digital format(s). We’re also requesting that you highlight any award winners (or shortlists) and bestsellers you’ve had in the last two years.

As a reminder, Here are some of the great benefits of participating in eBOUND’s VNP:

  1. Vendor awareness: merchandisers know about your new releases, recent bestsellers, and award winners
  2. A multitude of marketing opportunities
  3. Up-to-date eBOUND catalogues to help us promote indie Canadian titles collectively 
  4. eBOUND will conduct face to face sales presentations with vendors highlighting the titles you’re most excited about!

We request this for upcoming Fall and Spring titles every year. Email the eBOUND Marketing Manager to find out more!

For a tutorial on how to participate in the VNP, watch the video below:


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