Uploading Audiobooks to CoreSource for Distribution

The steps for uploading and distributing audiobooks to CoreSource are very similar to the process for eBooks. Below we have outlined the key differences:

Upload audiobook metadata

  • If you are using the CoreSource metadata template, make sure you are using the audio metadata template. Read Notes below for how to download it.
  • Otherwise, if you are using the CoreSource user interface to create the asset and it does not list options for audiobook assets, reach out to your Technology Specialist
  • Audiobooks can be under the same Title Group as non-audio formats.
  • The asset type depends on the audio file type. Some examples:
    • For WAV: Lossless Format Audio, WAV
    • For MP3: Digital Audio, MP3
  • Don’t forget to include the following in the metadata:
    • Narrator
    • Extent type (Duration)
    • Edition Type  – Abridged, Unabridged, etc. Find a full list of the current options here
    • Product form: “AA – Audio” (instead of EA, for example)

Upload the audiobook files

  • Name the files as follows: ISBN_001_wav.wav or ISBN_001_mp3.mp3 (where 001 indicates the order number of the audio file).
  • Upload all audio files at the same time through the My Titles> Ingest files menu in CoreSource.

Upload a Sample clip

  • Provide a separate 5 min audio file as a sample for Kobo Audio. Although this is not compulsory, Kobo currently does not automatically create samples for audiobooks. So, if a sample audio clip is not provided, there will be no sample on the audiobook product page.
  • Asset type in CoreSource: Sample Audio Clip
  • Name file as follows: ISBN_sampleaudioclip.mp3


  • It is good practice to create a separate cover asset for the audiobook as some audiobook vendors cannot ingest the cover assets associated with the Title Group.
  • Distribute titles early because it takes longer to process audiobooks than EPUBs for a lot of vendors. For example, OverDrive’s timeline is 5-21 business days for processing audiobooks.
  • For the audiobook metadata template:
    • In CoreSource, click on the Help Button with a question mark icon beside your username
    • Click Forms & Templates
    • Under Metadata Templates, click Metadata Template (Audio)
    • Click on the document to download or click Download

If you have any questions or would like a sample of a completed audiobook metadata template, please reach out to the Technology Specialist.


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