CoreSource Error: Duplicate File

You’re going about your CoreSource file ingestions thinking everything is in order when you’re hit with an unexpected roadblock: “Duplicate file: MD5 checksum matches current version of asset file.” This is a common CoreSource ingestion error, but what does it mean? Well, CoreSource has a long memory, and somewhere in its dark recesses this file already exists, even if you have deleted it from the system. To work around this error, you must “refresh” your asset. Here is how it’s done:

How to Recover a Deleted Asset in CoreSource (Or, how to work around the duplicate file error message.)

When an asset (front cover image, EPUB, MOBI, etc.) has been deleted from CoreSource, it disappears from sight, but a history of the asset remains in CoreSource. In order to reinstate this asset, you will need to upload a new asset, but not before following a few steps to ensure it uploads without the error “Duplicate file: MD5 checksum matches current version of asset file.”

    1. Before attempting to upload any asset files, open a new Excel metadata template. You can download this from CoreSource under the Help menu Image of CoreSource Help Button > Downloads > Metadata Template (Non-Audio) OR Metadata Template (Audio) > CS_2_template_all_products OR CS_2_template_audio_products.
    2. In the metadata spreadsheet, fill in the first three required columns: Title Group ID, ISBN13, and Asset Type. The Asset Type corresponds to the asset you are attempting to re-upload: an EPUB, front cover, etc.
    3. Under Asset Status and Publishing Status, mark both as Active.

  1. Save this metadata template with your publisher name and the date in the following format: Publisher_YYYYMMDD.
  2. Upload this file to CoreSource by FTP or via Ingest Files in the CS UI.
  3. After the metadata has been successfully ingested into CoreSource, you can go ahead and upload the asset files again via FTP or CS UI.
  4. After the files have been successfully ingested into CoreSource, ensure that they are marked as Active. If they aren’t, click the grey Edit button along the top and mark them as Active . You’ve now successfully recovered your assets!

Remember, you can always find the “Duplicate file: MD5 checksum matches current version of asset file” error in the CoreSource UI: simply hover over Home on the CoreSource dashboard and select Ingestion Job Queue. Click on the Job ID number, navigate to the Content Files and download the receipt manifest.


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