Sending Distributions Through CoreSource

New to CoreSource? Been a while since you have sent your ebooks to a vendor? Here’s a quick primer on how to distribute assets to your vendor partners through CoreSource.

Start by navigating to My Titles. If you want to send all of your books to a vendor, navigate to View All.

The view all button is circled underneath the My Titles tab.

If you’d like to send a specific list of titles, you can navigate to Advanced Search, and search for titles by Title, Title Group IDs, ISBNs, or a variety of other search parameters.

If you want to send all of your books to a vendor:

  • Click on Distribute, and select All from the drop-down menu

On the All Titles page, the "All" option is circled under the Distribute button. Several title groups with cover image thumbnails are shown in a grid view.

If you only want to send a selection of books to a vendor:

  • Once you’re at the title view, click “Select” on each book you’d like to distribute. That will cause the border around the book cover to turn green.

Several titles are displayed in a row. The select button is circled for the title on the far left. The title next to it has a green border and the button below the cover indicates that the title is "selected."

  • Click on Distribute, and choose Selected from the drop-down menu

Three titles are selected on the all titles page. Under the distribute button, the selected option from the drop down menu is circled.

On the next page, you’ll set the type of data you want to send (metadata, content files, cover images, etc.) and which vendors will receive those files.

First, you’ll set the Process Type. ‘Normal’ sends all of the applicable assets for a title, whereas ‘Metadata-Only’, ‘Pre-Pub’ and ‘Metadata and Cover’ will only send the selected assets described in each option.

On the select channels for distribution page, the process types shown are normal, metadata-only, pre-pub, and metadata and cover. Normal is selected. The submission types are either immediate or batched. Immediate is selected. The apply metadata rules box is checked. Conditions for distribution types are listed below and to the right, conditions for immediate normal distributions are listed.

Next, you’ll select the vendors you’d like to send the files to.

Several channels are listed, with the boxes next to certain channels checked.

Once you hit Continue, CoreSource will validate the metadata and content files for each book against each vendor’s requirements. If you are missing mandatory fields in your metadata for a vendor, or there is a problem with your EPUB or PDF file, you’ll get an error warning on the next page.

An error warning for the Apple for ACP - Demo Account notes in green text that 9 title groups are ready to submit. Red text underneath notes 91 title groups are INELIGIBLE for distribution to THIS channel. View or download errors.

Be sure you view or download the errors, and go back to make the necessary amendments to the files, before sending the distribution.

Once you get an approval from CoreSource that all files are ready to distribute, a distribution job will be created. It will contain the details of which files were delivered, and whether or not there were any issues with receipt of the files on the vendor’s end.

A table titled Distribution jobs created/batched lists the following columns: Job ID, Channel Name and Titles.

Be sure to check the distribution job by going to the Distribution Job Queue under Manage in the left-hand menu in CoreSource.

In the drop down menu for the Manage button, the Distribution Job Queue option is circled.

Click the Job # you wish to check, then check the Title Groups tab for that distribution job.

On the details page for distribution job # 190402191, the title groups button is circled in orange.

Make sure everything was delivered successfully by checking the Title Group and Asset status.

Title group and asset details are listed for the title Boxhead.


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