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eBOUND members can now opt-in to various OverDrive models without amendments. Read our guide below to find out how to implement these models into your metadata. 


TO OPT IN: If you want to opt into any of the pricing models, all you need to do is include the appropriate acronym in the ‘price type description’ (ONIX j262). This applies to LIBRARY pricing only, in both CAD and USD. All prices MUST be marked as Corporate / Library / Education price as the qualifier as well. 


Class Set K-12 = CSK12
Class Set Academic = CSA
OverDrive Max = ODM
Cost Per Circulation = CPC
Single Title Simultaneous Use = STSU


We are still in talks with CoreSource to finalize the details on how to import the codes using the spreadsheet. Please contact the Technology Specialist for instructions on how to include the codes via a metadata extract.


Codes should be entered without commas, separated by a space.

<j262>CSK12 CSA ODM CPC STSU</j262>

TO OPT OUT: You will be opted out automatically if you don’t include the above codes in your metadata. This is all done on a title by title basis. 



Under the Simultaneous Use Subscriptions sales model titles are made available for Single Title Simultaneous Use (STSU).

Annual Subscription Plan
Under the Simultaneous Use Subscriptions sales model titles are made available for Annual Subscription Plan (ASP), for a set period of time, usually 6 months or 1 year. A minimum of 25 titles is generally required for Annual Subscription Plans with libraries able to purchase multiple plans (in 25 title increments) to meet their needs.

Cost Per Check-Out
OverDrive’s Cost-per-Checkout (CPC) sales model allows libraries to add your content to their catalog with the library paying a fee each time a user checks out your title. Under the CPC model OverDrive pays you a wholesale cost for each circulation of a title during the reporting period.

Class Set K-12 and Academic
Classroom Set purchases allow our K-12 and Higher Education School Library partners and Corporate Knowledge Center partners to create flexible collections for one or more titles based on the number of students who will be using the content. Offered at value-pricing to support school adoption, these sales support a digital curriculum in the classroom. Titles sold under the Class Set model are assigned to a single student with a standard access term of 90 days. Class Set pricing for K-12 is automatically set at $0.99 per title and Academic is set to $1.99

OverDrive Max
Under the OverDrive Max (OD Max) sales model titles are made available for 100 simultaneous circulations at a premium price. When these circulations are used up, the library must purchase a new set of concurrent circulations.

If you have any questions, reach out to eBOUND’s Technology Specialist!


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