OverDrive: How to Price Your Ebooks

eBOUND’s account with OverDrive supports only a single currency: USD, so all pricing (retail and library) must be supplied in USD, which is converted upon purchase to the local currency. If a title is supplied with only Canadian sales rights, it will only be made available for sale to OverDrive’s partners in Canada, providing that your sales rights are correct and do not include the US.

Short cut: If you have US sales rights for your ebook, please skip ahead.

If you do not have US sales rights for your ebook, here’s a 4-step workaround to ensure that other etailers don’t receive your USD price, which could result in selling the ebook in the US. (If you have many ebooks with no US sales rights, and you are distributing to OverDrive, please get in touch with our Manager of Technology to test out another solution).

1) Express no US sales rights in your metadata

For ebooks with no US sales rights, ensure that your metadata expresses this exclusion in your metadata template or in your ONIX.xml.

Metadata template: In the spreadsheet, columns CK-CO state where your ebook can be sold. If US rights are not available, list US in Countries Excluded if you otherwise have WORLD rights, and include WORLD in Regions Included. Or, list the countries where rights are included (and don’t include the US).



ONIX.xml: With no US sales rights, supply any and all countries that you can sell the ebook in <RightsCountry>, and omit US as a country code.

2) Assign a USD price in your metadata

When you want to distribute ebooks to OverDrive, please add a USD price in your Metadata template, your ONIX.xml, or in the User Interface in CoreSource.

Metadata template: In the spreadsheet, columns BP-BS include your price in USD, with Countries Included US.



ONIX.xml: Include a full price composite for your USD price.

CoreSource UI: You can add the USD price in the UI instead of the template or xml, here’s how:

  1. Search for the ebook.
  2. Open the asset type, such as EPUB or PDF.
  3. Click on the Supply Terms/Prices tab and select Add New Price:
  4. Fill out Basic Info: Business model: Retail or Library; Price Amount: Your USD price; Currency: USD; Your price type.
  5. Click on Territories and assign US:


3) Distribute your ebooks and metadata to OverDrive

Distribute the metadata and ebooks to OverDrive, and then delete your USD price from your metadata, so that it does not distribute to other etailers. Ensure that if you delete the USD price from your template or the ONIX.xml, you ingest it into CoreSource so that metadata is updated before it is distributed to other retailers. You can also quickly delete the US price from the CoreSource UI:

  1. Search for your asset.
  2. Click on the Supply Terms/Prices tab.
  3. Select delete by the USD prices:


4) Turn off metadata updates for OverDrive

Ensure that metadata updates are turned off for OverDrive. Contact our Digital Services Coordinator for assistance or to check the status of metadata updates for your OverDrive channel.

Please note: OverDrive doesn’t require both retail and library prices, but it doesn’t hurt. A retail and a library price are only needed in instances where there is a separate library price (e.g. $4.99, Retail; $6.99, Library). If only a retail price is supplied, it will be used for sales in both markets, and vice versa.

Retail and library pricing, if delivered to OverDrive, should be the same across the EPUB and PDF format. Also, these formats should consistently either include both price types (retail and library) or just one price type on any submitted ebooks. If one price type is not submitted to one format, for instance no retail prices provided for PDFs, retail prices will have to be removed from the EPUBs as well to avoid price conflicts on OverDrive.

If you have questions about the metadata template and how you’re filling out your prices and rights, please contact our Digital Services Coordinator. If you have questions about how to handle your ONIX.xml, or about OverDrive pricing in general, please contact our Manager of Technology.


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