Odilo – Setting the lending model for Your Books

So you’ve signed an agreement with Odilo and are ready to send your books. Simple, right? There’s just one final piece of the puzzle to fit in before your books are live and available for consumers. eBOUND needs to provide the following information to Odilo for each publisher, so you just need to inform us of your preferences. You can choose which of the models you’d like to use, and set the terms for each. We’ve included a list of the different models as well as a breakdown of the terms being used to better inform your decision:

  1. 1user/1copy: You can choose between a) perpetual b) expiring(time frame) c) metered(# of checkouts)
    • Perpetual license: Replicates the print model, loans are limited to one-user at a time for each eBook license purchased. A perpetual license provides enduring rights to the content. Libraries can continue to loan purchased titles to their patrons at the one-user, one-copy model for as long as they choose to (with no time limits).
    • Expiring access:Provides access to titles purchased for a limited time specified by the publisher, after which access will no longer be available. To continue to have access after the expiration date, the library must repurchase the same title(s) for a new term.
    • Metered access: Offers a limited number of loans. The library must repurchase the same title after a defined number of loans.
  2. Pay-per-Use: @ ___% for 21 days (They recommend 10% of your digital list price)
    • Odilo’s Pay-per-Use (PpU) model helps librarians optimize their budget to meet the digital content demand of their libraries. This model can replace or augment purchased titles. It is also a good option for libraries wishing to fulfill patrons’ request, or high demand for specific titles, for a short period of time and do not wish to purchase the titles outright. This option can help libraries avoid ‘turn-away’ for titles with high checkout probability (such as a new release or an assigned reading title). PpU provides unlimited access to an eBook for a single user at-a-time, if there are multiple users, then the library must purchase multiple copies at the PpU rate with pricing that reflects the time period of the loan. The publisher sets the pricing.
      Odilo recommend the following guidelines:
      • 21 Day Loan Period = 10% total eBook list price
      • Hunger Games – DLP = $30.00 @ 21 Days PpU = 10% * 30 = $3.00
      Libraries can set the number of PpU licenses and/or set daily limits in dollars to help manage their budgets. Reporting is available showing revenues and checkouts/circulations resulting from the PpU model for both publishers and libraries
  3. Simultaneous __ X digital list price (They recommend 2 or 3 times your digital list price)
    • Allows access for two or more simultaneous users at a higher price.
    • Allows multiple simultaneous users for a limited-number-of-loans.
    • The always-available access model, allows simultaneous use for an unlimited number of readers over a set period of time. This model is very popular in schools and academic markets.
  4. Subscription: Typically a discount off list price of 30% or 40%
    • A merging of a sale with database-like annual subscriptions. For example, subscription models may provide unlimited or metered access to broad collections.

Once you’ve finalized your options, please send it to your Digital Services Coordinator as soon as possible to make sure there isn’t any delay in activating your books.


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