eBOUND’s Digital Dashboard 101

Digital Dashboard 101

As an eBOUND client, all of your remittances and sales data are available on our Digital Dashboard. Read on to find out how to make the best of this tool!

You can download our instructions on how to navigate through our system here.

Home Page

When you log in to your digital dashboard, you’ll find yourself on the homepage screen, which gives you a summary of Lifetime Sales, Payment Summaries, Monthly Sales and Statement Summaries (with links to download).

There are multiple columns of information under “statements” – most are self explanatory. However, we’ve introduced three new columns for 2019: Payment ID, Payment Date, and Payment Method.

Payment ID: is the cheque # or direct deposit #

Payment Date: the date the cheque was issued or the date for a direct deposit was initiated

Payment Method: Indicates whether the payment was by Cheque (CQ) or Direct Deposit (DD).

We have also added a payment history section on the left side of the page, just below the Sales Summary. This Payment Summary will show the last 12 months of payments. Since a payment could be in payment of more than one month’s Remittance Advice statements, the Summary on the left will show the total amount of a payment and the columns on the right will show how that payment was applied to Remittance Advice amounts.

Sales Reports 

This is where you can find detailed information about your sales history and download it with a variety of different parameters.

All sales reports, except through “Sellthrough by Remit Range,” summarize data based on the month in which sales were captured, not the month they were remitted. For example, in your December 2018 remittances, the Kobo sales occurred in October 2015 and the sales reports you pull will reflect that. You get paid for them in December 2018.

Below you’ll find a brief explanation of what each report will show you.


Title Report

Title Reports let you discover the number of units sold by title, and when they were sold by year or by month. If you click on a specific year (as shown above) you will access a further breakdown of how each month of that year played out.

Title Format Report

Similar to the Title Report, this report breaks down your monthly and yearly sales further by including the associated ISBN and format so you can cross-reference the popularity of each version of your title (EPUB, PDF, MOBI, MP3, etc).

Vendor Report

This report breaks down your monthly and annual sales by the vendors you distribute to through eBOUND.

*New for 2019*: If you’re interested in having sales data from vendors that you distribute directly to added to your dashboard, contact us for more information on how to use this feature.

Vendor Title Report

This report will tell you which of your titles are selling the best on which vendor platform.

It details total units sold (all formats) by year and/or month through each vendor.

See a negative number? We recommend you check your detailed monthly remittance if you are concerned a return has occurred because sometimes, it is not initially evident when pulling a report.

Sale Country Report

This report tells you which territories your books are selling in.

It displays total units (by lifetime, month, and/or year)  by region.

Sellthrough by Sales Range

For sales (in USD, CAD, or converted CAD) you can search by sales report month, for any period of time. If you so choose, you can collect all sales from an entire fiscal year in one report. This report shows ISBN, title, number of units sold in a given time period, and sales in USD, CAD, and Converted CAD.

Sellthrough by Remit Range

In contrast, this report displays the same information, but details when those sales were paid, not when the sale occurred.

Monthly Remittance

Each remittance, found on the home screen of the dashboard, includes your CAD and USD sales, a summary, and a sales breakdown of your data on a transactional level, all in one downloadable file! Two have become one.

If you have any questions about any of these reports, or have a request to be shown further information, please contact your Sales & Marketing Specialist.


Custom Reports *New for 2019*

We have added a new button on the Sales Report page called “Custom Download”. You’ll see this button in the top right-hand corner of your screen. it will take you to this page:

The options in the Custom Download screen will allow you to choose what to include in the file you download. The distinction can be made whether or not a retailer’s sales report has been included in a Remittance Advice statement that we have produced and emailed to you. You will be also able to choose sales for which RA statements have been issued, sales for which RA statements have not yet been issued, or both.


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