CoreSource Reports: Metadata Extract

If you are working remotely and do not have access to your metadata files CoreSource can help!
Significant improvements have been made to the Metadata Extract report (found under Reports>Metadata Reports>Metadata Extract). You will now be able to export the metadata stored on assets.

Improvements in the extraction process now allow users to re-ingest exported data into CoreSource.
There are 4 templates you can select ranging from a full metadata extract to more specific fields such as Basic Info (Title, Group ID, ISBN13, Asset Type, Asset Status, Title, Publisher, Imprint, etc), Contributors, and Prices.
From there you will be able to refine the the extract further. Should you require all information in a template simply select the Time Period along with the desired Export type.

NOTE: Should you want to re-ingest the metadata you will need to set the Export Type to Excel.


When you have finished adjusting any parameters select Export. A request number will be provided and a message displayed that you will be notified when the file is ready for download.

Once the extract is complete the user will receive an email notification with a link to the file.
Another way to locate the file is under Home>File Extracts.


From there you can now download your metadata extract!
PLEASE NOTE: There are no drop down options in the extract (like there are with the ingestion template), but users can make changes to the extracted data and/or enter new data to the template as long as it matches the available options for the field. (i.e., currency = USD, GBP, business model = Retail).

Once you have made any changes to your metadata extract, you will want to upload the new information to CoreSource.

To ingest the updated metadata excel sheet you go to My Titles > Ingest Files.


Once that is open, you chose the metadata file from your computer.


Be sure to check under Manage > Ingestion Job Queue that the file was successfully uploaded to CoreSource. Once you have successfully uploaded the metadata you can distribute the metadata to vendors.


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