CoreSource Metadata-Only Distributions: A very brief tutorial

There is an easy way to successfully distribute your metadata without sending your ebook files.

Select Metadata-Only from the distribution screen in CoreSource.

The distribution screen where you can select the Metadata-Only option in CoreSource.

Metadata-Only distributions are also a great way to update your ebook metadata without having to re-distribute ebook files. If you’ve made a change to your ebook metadata and would like this change to go out to all vendors, select all channels on your distribution screen and choose Metadata-Only.

Furthermore, CoreSource allows for automated Metadata-Only distributions that send any updated metadata to vendors on a weekly basis. If you would like to set up automatic Metadata-Only distributions please contact our Technology Specialist for setup.

For more information on getting a distribution channel set up for BiblioShare or Bowker, and about just what these data aggregators do, please contact our Sales and Marketing manager who can go over the contracts with you. We highly recommend that you automate your metadata feeds to these partners, as it pushes your valuable, updated information out into the supply chain without you having to remember to do it manually.

Happy distributing!


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