CoreSource: How to run a Title Feedback Report

The Title Feedback Report is one of the most useful tools available through the CoreSource DAM. With this report, you can check which of your titles are live on retailers’ websites without forcing your intern to manually search for each ISBN. The current participating vendors are: Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Overdrive.

How it works

The Title Feedback Report looks for title groups where content has been distributed in the last 90 days (but only as far back as May 2, 2013, which is the date the report was implemented). CoreSource then checks for these titles at each vendor site, which then produces a “live” or “not found” status in the report. If titles are marked “not found”, CoreSource will continue to check if the title goes live for the next 30 days, and stop checking as soon as the title has achieved “live” status. Pretty cool, huh?

Running the report

  1. Go to Reports and select Title Feedback Report.
    Screenshot from CoreSource user interface, showing the list of options for distribution reports, 'Title Feedback Report' is circled in red at the bottom of the list.
  2. Set the date parameters (I like to set the Date Type as “Distribution Date” and the Time Period as “Last 90 Days” so CoreSource will pick up data for any books that I have distributed in the last three months).
    Screenshot showing the options mentioned in this step on the CoreSource user interface.
  3. Select the distribution partner you would like CS to report on, or leave this field blank to search all distribution partners.
    Screenshot showing the selection of a single vendor, in this case Apple.
  4. “Export” your report for a CSV file, “Run Report” to view in excel, or “Subscribe” to receive an email of your report.

If you do not see the report on your user interface request access from our Digital Services Coordinator.

Using the data

Titles may appear as “Not Found” for a number of reasons. When titles are not found:

  1. Consider the retailer. Some are able to put titles up almost instantly, while others take more time.
    • Apple – within 4 hours.
    • Amazon – within 24 hours.
    • Kobo – within 24 hours.
    • Barnes & Noble – within 10 business days.
    • Sony – up to 6 weeks.
  2. Check sales and publication dates. Some retailers do not put titles up ahead of their on sale dates.
  3. If a title does not fall under your eBOUND SLA, contact the retailer directly to determine if there is an issue with the title.
  4. Contact our Digital Services Coordinator with inquiries about missing titles that do not fall under issues 1, 2, or 3.

The Title Feedback Report is a great way to gain a broad picture of your titles’ statuses on retailer’s sites, but it should not replace manual title checks! Be sure to check in on your ebooks periodically to ensure that metadata is being captured accurately and covers are correct.


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