CoreSource Error: Missing Metadata

Those of you who have been using CoreSource for any length of time are no strangers to error notifications. These notifications can be frustrating, but they also let you know what went wrong at specific points throughout the ingestion process.

If you are missing integral data fields in your incoming bibliographic information, your file will fail ingestion, and CoreSource will tell you which fields are missing from the incoming file.

The view all reports page in coresource. The ingestion reports section is clicked, showing the ingestion failure report and ingestion SLA report. Orange boxes highlight view all reports, ingestion reports, and ingestion failure report options shown in the image.

Solution: To see what’s missing, check the Ingestion Failure Report. To view this report, navigate to View All Reports under Reports from the left-hand menu in CoreSource. Next, click on the Ingestion Reports section to view the Ingestion Failure Report. The error descriptions in this report usually make a direct reference to the metadata field that requires attention. Once the affected metadata has been corrected in your template or ONIX, please re-ingest your file, and your assets will be ready for distribution!

If you do not have access to this report, please contact your Technology Specialist.


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