CoreSource: Adding New Distribution Channels

To add a *new distribution channel to your account, follow the two-step process below:

Step One

Fill in CoreSource’s New Channel Form. To download the form, click the CoreSource help icon with a question mark in the middle of a circle. icon found at the top-right of your screen when logged into CoreSource. It will take you to the CoreSource help site where you can find forms in the Forms & Templates section.

New Channel Form Requirements

You may be encountering some of the fields in this New Channel Form for the first time. Below is a breakdown of the information required in the form:

  • Distribution Partner: The name of the vendor you would like to send content to.
  • CoreSource Instance: The name of your CoreSource account.
  • Partner Business Contact (Name/Phone/Email): The name of the representative from the Distribution Partner who you correspond with. Phone number is not required.
  • Partner Technical Contact (Name/Phone/Email): Can be the same as above. This is the person who is your primary contact for questions regarding file deliveries and vendor standards. Phone number is not required.
  • Distribution Manifest/Title Withdrawal Recipient: This is the email address that CoreSource needs to notify vendors of new deliveries. Many vendors will often have generic addresses that these will need to be directed to.
  • What Kind of Distributions do you want to do with this channel? Below is a list of different kinds of distributions CoreSource can add to your new distribution channelList of distribution types for a distribution channel in coresource. The distribution types are as follows: Manual Distribution, Manual Metadata Distribution, Manual Pre-Pub Distribution, Batched Distribution, Batched Metadata Distribution, Batched Pre-Pub Distribution, Automated Distribution, Automated Pre-Pub Distribution, Metadata Update, Metadata refresh, and withdrawal distribution
  • FTP Credentials: This is information you will need to procure from the technical contact at the distribution partner in question. The FTP credentials will tell CoreSource where to deliver files and whether they must be delivered to specific directories.
  • What metadata rules does CoreSource need to use? This is only required if the distribution partner in question has specific metadata requirements regarding deliveries.
  • What prices need to be sent to this partner? CoreSource needs to know which business models the partner can accept as well as which currencies should be sent with the business models.
  • What asset types need to be sent to this partner? Here you can identify exactly what files should be sent. It is best to consult with the distribution partner to see what files they can and cannot process.

Step Two

Once you have completed the form, send it to our Technology Specialist, who will set up the channel in your CoreSource account for you.

*Please note: The form is to be filled out only if the vendor isn’t an existing eBOUND partner.


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