CoreSource 101: Withdrawing a Title from Sale

Do you have a title that should no longer be available for sale?  You are probably wondering how to remove it from vendor sites.

By following the steps outlined below, you can render the assets inactive in CoreSource and automatically send a withdrawal notification to all your vendors.

1) Navigate to the Title Group and complete steps 2 through 5 for each asset.

2) Navigate to each asset.

3) Select Edit from the top-right corner.

Two buttons displayed, Email on the left and Edit on the right

4) Select Asset = Inactive and Publishing Status = 11 – Withdrawn from Sale.

Clickable Asset Status bar with "Inactive" status selected and Clickable Publishing Status bar with "11 - Withdrawn from sale" status selected

5) Select Save All Fields from the top-right corner.

Three buttons; email, cancel, and save all fields.

Once you’ve completed these steps for all assets belonging to the withdrawn title, you should see the assets displayed in Red when you scroll over the Title Group in the gallery.  You should also see the below message on each asset page.  Additionally, you can confirm that the withdrawal notification was sent out to vendors by navigating to the Distribution Status tab for each asset and observing that the Status column indicates “Withdrawal Requested”.

A warning in red reads: Warning: This asset is not distributable because the publishing status is set to "11 - Withdrawn from sale".

If you have a bulk withdrawal consisting of numerous titles, please contact your Technology Specialist for assistance.


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