CoreSource 101: Reinstating a Title that was Previously Withdrawn from Sale

If you withdrew a title from sale on vendor sites and you want to make it available again on those sites, CoreSource requires an extra step after you have reactivated the title. You will need to reinstate the title with the CoreSource interface for each vendor.

To Reinstate a title, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the Title Group
  • Navigate to the Asset
  • Go to the Distribution Status tab
  • Under Status, click the “>>” icon beside Withdrawal Sent
  • Click Reinstate for each channel to which you now want to send the title                                              Underneath the status Withdrawal Sent » appears a dropdown menu with two options. First being "Withdraw" and the second being "Reinstate"

Make sure the steps are completed for each Asset that you want to reinstate.

To fully make your title distributable, you will also need to ensure the Publishing Status and Asset Status of the assets are both set to Active. Here is a refresher:

  • Navigate to the Title Group
  • Navigate to the Asset
  • Select Edit from the top-right corner  Two buttons displayed, Email on the left and Edit on the right
  • Select Asset = Active and Publishing Status = 04 – Active       Clickable Publishing Status bar with "04 - Active" status selectedClickable Asset Status bar with "Active" status selected
  • Select Save from the top-right corner                                                             Three buttons; email, cancel, and save all fields.

Once the title’s assets are active and reinstated, you will be able to start distributing your title again.

If you have any questions, please contact your Technology Specialist for assistance.


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