Cleaning out CoreSource 101: Deleting Old Assets

Are there old title groups lingering in your gallery?  Perhaps it’s time to clean them up!  Not only will it feel refreshing, but it will also help streamline your processes and tasks in CoreSource.  Follow the steps below to delete those old assets and start refining your CoreSource gallery today.

To delete an asset in CoreSource:

  1. Complete a search containing the asset(s) you want to delete. The search results for the title "Boxhead" in CoreSource.
  2. Click on the title group.
  3. Click on the “View All Assets” tab.  The view all assets button is circled below the title group details for Boxhead.
  4. Select all the asset files either by clicking the check-boxes on the left side of each row and selecting “Delete Selected Assets” or click the “Delete” button in each row for each asset.  This will delete the metadata and files associated with the assets.  The Assets tab shows several assets, with boxes that can be selected on the left side. The boxes are circled and linked to the Delete selected assets button. On the right side, the trash bin icons next to each asset are circled.
  5. Once all the assets are deleted, there will be an option on the Basic Information tab that appears to delete the title group. This will remove the title group from the gallery and delete it from your account.  On the Basic Information page, an arrow points to the delete button to the right of the screen. A pop-up dialogue box at the top asks "please confirm... do you really want to delete title group?"

*Should you need to delete large amounts of files and metadata, please contact the Technology Specialist.


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