49th Shelf Catalogue Audit


49th Shelf is a valuable resource for booksellers and readers, and it’s important to make sure that your data is up-to-date on their site, so that merchandisers and customers can find your titles.

We have put together a checklist that you can use to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward on 49th Shelf.

  • Titles – make sure that you are entering the titles for your books, along with the author names and publisher information, consistently. ‘Publisher Name’ and ‘Publisher Name Ltd.’ may not be recognized as the same entity, which means that your catalogue becomes fragmented across the site. For more information on best practices surrounding naming conventions, check out this super-helpful BookNet blog post, What’s in a Name?
  • Cover Images – Are all of your cover images up on 49th Shelf? Is it the most recent version of the cover? Check them out and upload revisions through CoreSource if necessary.
  • Description – Are the descriptions from your metadata complete and up to date?
  • Editorial Reviews – Has your book gotten any stellar new reviews lately? Add them!
  • Award Information – Did any of your books take home hardware in the fall season’s spate of literary awards? Brag about that stuff!
  • Excerpts – Give readers and booksellers an idea of what the book is about.
  • Contributor Bio – Endear your authors to your readers, and help booksellers put together merchandised lists, by telling them a bit about the amazing people who write your books.
  • Country Code Marker – Make sure readers know that this is a Canadian book. Read our previous tutorial on how to get your ebooks from CoreSource to 49th Shelf if you need a refresher on how to include the Canadian Contributor Country Code in your metadata.
  • Library Pricing – Make sure that you have included library pricing in your metadata to make your librarian friends’ lives a little easier. BookNet put together a useful tutorial on that topic too, which you can read here.


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