Bibliotheca/3M Cloud Library – Academic Titles Discount Code

The agreement that eBOUND has signed with 3M Cloud Library is comprised of two discount rates: eBOUND clients receive net sales proceeds of 75% of the suggested retail price for Academic titles, and 60% of suggested retail price for Trade titles.

In order to receive the higher rate on Academic sales, publishers will need to enter a discount code in their metadata to indicate that a title falls into the Academic category. If the Academic discount code is not included in the metadata for a title, the book will automatically be placed in the Trade channel, and the publisher will receive net sales proceeds at the Trade rate of 60% of SRP.

No discount code is required for trade titles.

Instructions for Entering the 3M Cloud Library Discount Code for Academic Titles:

Using ONIX Metadata

In ONIX, discount codes are listed in the price composite with the reference name < DiscountCoded >. The Discount Code Type value 02 (from ONIX Codelist 100) is used to indicate that the discount code type is a proprietary format, since it is only used for 3M. The Discount Code Type Name is 3M, and the Discount Code is AC for Academic.

Here are examples of how to enter the 3M Academic Title Discount Code in reference and short tags:

Using Reference Tags:

Using Short Tags:

Using the CoreSource Metadata Template:

To learn more about entering discount codes for other vendors into your metadata, read this guide.

If you have further questions about entering discount codes into your metadata, or would like to request a copy of the 3M Cloud Library participating publisher agreement, please contact Shannon Culver.


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