Metadata Best Practices for Bowker

Metadata gives customers the information they need to make informed book purchases and is therefore essential for discoverability and encouraging online sales.

Social Media Metrics In-Depth

As a savvy publisher, you know that social media impacts your business. Trouble is, it can be difficult to measure that impact precisely. You’re not alone…

Master Facebook Marketing

As a publisher you already know that Facebook needs to be an integral part of your audience outreach, but are you doing everything you can to grow your influence and audiences on the platform?

Responsive Design for Ebooks

Responsive design is a flexible way to display websites and other HTML documents using specific CSS practices.

Converting EPUB2 files to EPUB3, presented by Joshua Tallent

In this video, Joshua Tallent, Firebrand’s Chief eBook Architect, will walk you through the process for upgrading your EPUB2 files into the EPUB3 format.

Open Source Ebook Production, presented by David Ward

If EPUB is an open standard, why aren’t more people paying attention to the huge number of open source tools available to ebook developers?

Font Embedding in Ebooks

Font expert Champagne Choquer discusses general font guidelines and reveals best practices so that you can take your ebook typography to the next level.

Implementing the Accessibility Features of EPUB3, presented by Matt Garrish

Although EPUB 3 is built on a foundation of accessibility, EPUB 3 publications are not accessible simply by virtue of their existence. It takes both an understanding of the issues […]

EPUB to MOBI and KF8 Conversion, presented by Laura Brady

You’ve finished making the EPUB for your shiny new ebook, so what’s next? Well, if you want to sell it through Amazon’s Kindle ecosystem, you’re going to have to convert […]

Video: Post-Content Conversion – QA and Problem Resolution

Whether you’ve worked with a conversion house in the past or planning on doing so soon, there are some best practices that you can follow to help make the process […]

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