What is a Work Identifier?

The <workidentifier> in your ONIX is the element that links together all the different assets associated with a single title. The identifier for a title can be any unique code […]

CoreSource Amazon Distribution Q & A

Late last year, CoreSource presented a joint webinar with Amazon, and promised to send answers to submitted questions during the session. Below are the Q&A’s from the session. If you […]

Bibliotheca/3M Cloud Library – Academic Titles Discount Code

In order to receive the higher rate on Academic sales, publishers will need to enter a discount code in their metadata to indicate that a title falls into the Academic category.

Embedding HTML Text in an ONIX Data Element

Creating multiple paragraphs of text within a single ONIX data element is a notoriously tricky feat, but using HTML markup can help you avoid the eyesore of a solid block of text.

Goodreads Ask the Author Feature

Ask the Author is the newest service available through the Goodreads Author Program, enabling writers to engage with their fans on a more personal level.

ONIX: For People Who Don’t Really Work With Metadata

Through ONIX, publishers can communicate essential book information across many different sales channels to help customers make informed purchase decisions.

7 Tips for Better Book Trailers

Book trailers are a great marketing tool for publishers to generate interest and build anticipation for a title.

Fixed Layout Vs. Reflowable EPUBs

When deciding which format is best for your book, here are some questions that should help you make your decision.

Removing Invisible Apostrophes from Spreadsheets

So you’re happily working away in Excel, performing some sorting wizardry on your piles of data. But then disaster strikes. You notice that some fields of data are not being […]

iTunes Promo Codes: What they are and how to use them

Promotional codes for your ebooks are now available from iTunes. What this means is that you can distribute codes for your titles to reviewers or fans to allow them to […]