Experimentation Project for Accessible Audiobook Production: Best Practices in Publisher Workflow

The marketplace for commercial audiobooks has grown in recent years. Audiobook readers include those who enjoy consuming content in situations in which reading print copy would be impossible—for instance, driving, […]

Metadata Audit Report

This wide-ranging metadata audit was designed to determine how many of eBOUND’s member publishers’ digital publications were missing from key retailers and why they were missing. It was our goal […]

Experimentation Project for Accessible Publishing: Publisher Workflows and ebook Accessibility Report

In March of 2019 the government of Canada announced a five-year, $22.8 million initiative which will support the sustainable production and distribution of accessible digital books.The importance of accessibility in […]

Canadian Ebooks in Public Libraries

eBOUND Canada commissioned Page Two Strategies to conduct a report on the number of Canadian titles available in print and digital formats in Canadian public libraries. Page Two interviewed staff […]

Standards in ebook Pricing in the International Marketplace

eBOUND hired Castledale to explore and report on standard pricing policies for English language ebooks in seven major markets (United States (US), United Kingdom (UK), Australia, France, Germany, Spain and […]

eBook Collection Practices

You can find our report here. Our Consultants Ken Roberts, Lead Project Consultant and Public Library Sector Ken was Chief Librarian of the Hamilton Public Library from 1994 until his […]

Current & Emerging Best Practices in Promoting & Marketing Digital Content

eBOUND Canada has released a study on digital content marketing strategies for independent Canadian Publishers. Forty-two publishers participated in an eBOUND survey in April 2014. Additionally, professionals from various digital-content industries were interviewed and a three-country wide literature scan conducted to uncover best practices in marketing of digital content relevant to book publishers.