What’s in an EPUB File?: The OPS Folder

The OPS folder contains the text of the book, plus any fonts, images or audio/visual materials contained within the book.


The conversion struggle

Resources for Self-Publishers

A growing list of digital resources for self-publishers. Includes conversion options and distribution programs for non-traditional publishers.

What’s in an ePUB?: The OPF File

The OPF file is located within the OPS folder. ‘OPF’ stands for Open Package Format. It’s essentially an XML file, although it has the file extension .opf instead of .xml. It […]

An Alternative to EPUB 3.0: Inside the new Kindle Format 8 (KF8)

eBOUND Canada presents BISG’s and Digital Book World’s eagerly anticipated webinar series, Understanding EPUB 3.0. This series gives novices and experts an inside look at EPUB 3.0, Kindle Format 8, […]

Zipping and Unzipping an ePUB

Explanation of how to unzip and re-zip an ePUB file on a Mac or PC

What’s in an ePUB?: The Root Directory

An introductory look into the first level of an ePUB file

CoreSource Amazon Distribution Q & A

Late last year, CoreSource presented a joint webinar with Amazon, and promised to send answers to submitted questions during the session. Below are the Q&A’s from the session. If you […]

Responsive Design for Ebooks

Responsive design is a flexible way to display websites and other HTML documents using specific CSS practices.

Converting EPUB2 files to EPUB3, presented by Joshua Tallent

In this video, Joshua Tallent, Firebrand’s Chief eBook Architect, will walk you through the process for upgrading your EPUB2 files into the EPUB3 format.