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About Book Connect

Book Connect is a Canadian software company committed to providing publishers and distributors with modern centralized tools and solutions for product lifecycle, title management, and metadata.  Book Connect allows publishers to organize, integrate, and simplify their workflow, with an expanding lineup of modules and tools and a simple, powerful approach to metadata. Book Connect is a proud tech partner and happy to support eBOUND Canada.

Tools and Features for Canadian Publishers

Title Management (BOOK ONE)

  • Centralized, easy-to-use, searchable, fast, on-line title library for up to 1,000,000 records
  • Manage different versions and formats under a single “Title” work, reducing data entry and allowing more standardized data across versions and authors
  • Audits and logs of all changes and all feeds to track when changes were made and when they were sent to third parties
  • Sales tools including TI, catalog, order forms output, can be customized and branded
  • “Deck” builder tool to organize, store, and recall sales and marketing presentations
  • Store and distribute cover, back-cover, and spread images – system generates url’s for each
  • Data-entry adopts a simple to understand panel system organizing data into sections such as “Subject”, “Pricing”
  • Flip to different formats with a single click
  • Customizable fields and categories to organize your titles
  • Lifecycle control to allow titles allows data capture to begin before a title is ready to be exported publicly.
  • Preliminary placeholder management to allow setup of pre-ISBN listings (that cannot be publicly exported)
  • Access control to allow users read-only or editable permissions:
    • By panel, such as restrict pricing
    • By publisher to allow distributors to give publication lines permission
    • To allow lifecycle control so that only administrators can publicly list new titles and changes
  • Supplements to allow uploading of various content (contracts, drafts, videos, links, copy) in a streamlined, protected way


ONIX Integration

  • Translates your data into ONIX 2.1 and ONIX 3.0 formats
  • Offers uploads of ONIX into your system with a powerful ONIX upload system
  • Support for multi-currency and regional sales rights needed for the Canadian market
  • Special tools for Overdrive Library programs in the Canadian marketplace
  • Dozens of pre-built modular ONIX-OVERRIDE-SETTINGS allow exact control of how your ONIX is represented
  • Proprietary “Modular ONIX” system allows further scripting and customization of ONIX using XSLT by publisher, channel, etc


Production and Project Planning

  • Ability to generate production (and other projects) schedules alongside data in your Book Connect system
  • These plans can be divided into several different departmental calendars
  • Notes, updates, and completion of tasks are all centralized into a single calendar with several views including:

    • Gantt views
    • Excel feeds

Other Integrations and Tools

  • For publishers or self-published authors using Amazon’s KDP toolset, Book Connect offers a Chrome Plugin to integrate data in BOOK CONNECT directly up into Amazon’s KDP system
  • Amazon Marketplace integration allows Book Connect to monitor sales rankings, categories and trends
  • Book Connect also offers B2B and B2C websites that use Book One title data directly through API calls

Benefits of eBound’s Distribution


With the wisdom that only comes with years of experience (and high levels of exposure to metadata) we not only get our clients’ ebooks into market—we help get them noticed.



We provide Canadian publishers with the information they need to stay at the forefront of the digital publishing industry. eBOUND’s clients enjoy continual access to material that will help them stay up-to-date with new technologies, accessibility standards and overall best practices.


Access to our Partners

From conversion to vendors to accessibilty, eBOUND members have access to our network of world-class partners.

Sales Dashboard

eBOUND’s online portal, Digital Dashboard, integrates sales reports from different vendors in one convenient place. We process, audit, and secure all payments in a transparent manner, so royalty statements are a snap.