Dear eBOUND: Vendor Notification Program


We’ve been receiving a few messages from publishers, asking for more information about the Vendor Notification Program. Messages that may or may not resemble this one:




Well, Squiggly, the Vendor Notification Program is a service available to eBOUND publishers who wish to alert specific vendors of their upcoming titles. Giving vendors extra time with your books increases the likelihood of pre-order activity, as well as the chance of your titles being featured, chosen for curated collections, and/or used in marketing materials. Essentially, it helps find an advantageous spot for your books in your vendors’ storefronts right off the bat.

There were a few more letters, hold on…

…ah yes, here’s another one, we knew we saved these for a reason:




The vendor notification part is just the tip of the iceberg. The data you provide is used throughout the year in a number of marketing-oriented services.

Other Vendor Notification Program Perks:

1. Titles featured on our 49th Shelf page


2. A free listing in one of our CataList catalogues


                              (Which one will you choose?)


At its heart, BNC CataList is a catalogue building tool which allows you to customize, store, and advertise your titles easily. But there are all sorts of marketing pluses, such as requesting/receiving requests for advance copies (via NetGalley), processing orders, and the best bell and/or whistle of all: being able to search for titles within existing catalogues. Librarians and retailers frequent the site to order titles, because yes, you can do that too.

3. Upcoming titles sent to librarians across Canada via our library blasts

4. Consideration for a spot in Ingram’s monthly e-central newsletter, which has a circulation of 100+ e-retailers and 180+ subscribers.




If you wish to participate, all that is required is you fill out the spreadsheet below your upcoming, dash-free digital ISBNs and title information. We will then send this information only to vendors you are signed on with. And that’s about it.


You can find the vendor notification here.


Any questions or concerns can be directed to your Marketing & Sales Coordinator







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