What’s The Deal With Audiobooks?

It’s no secret – the digital publishing world is making room for audiobooks in a big way, and with good reason. Following our trip to the London Book Fair last […]

Choose Your Own ebookcraft Adventure: 2016

The league of eBOUND-ers returned once again to the MaRS District (which sounds like we’re crossing genres but it’s perfectly true) for two days of valiant, uh, learning. It was certainly […]

Digital Book World 2016 Takeaways

Our Manager of Technology, Shannon, attended the 2016 DBW conference in New York last week, to hear about what’s new and exciting in the world of ebooks and digital marketing. The […]

2016 Digital Marketing Workshop: Camp Tech

Most publishers today have a website, blog, and at least one newsletter, as well as accounts on various social media platforms. All of these channels provide valuable ways to communicate with potential […]

A Choose Your Own ebookcraft Adventure!

For three days in March of 2015, the eBOUND team went forth into the slightly northern part of downtown Toronto to attend one of the best digital publishing conferences in Canada.

DAM Another Day: CoreSource Workshops Debriefing

Here’s a little known fact for you: There is at least one fan of Canada’s national winter sport in sunny Tennessee—if not Canada’s winter—and that’s Ingram’s Buffy Bales.

Serialization and Digital Marketing: An Interview with House of Anansi’s Carolyn McNeillie

In Fall of 2013, with the impending release of Ian Hamilton’s sixth book in the Ava Lee series, House of Anansi decided to try something a little different to celebrate its publication.

Canadian Ebooks in Canadian Libraries: 2014

eBOUND Canada CEO, Krystyna Ross, outlines two initiatives to get Canadian-published digital content accessible in Canadian public and academic libraries.

Canadian Ebook Pricing: 2014

eBOUND CEO, Krystyna Ross, discusses price differences between the retail and library channels, emerging business models and their effect on prices, and how Canadian-owned publishers are pricing their ebooks.

Digital Rights Management for Ebooks

Publishers who produce ebooks are now faced with the question of whether to apply DRM to their ebooks or not. But what should publishers consider before they decide one way or the other?

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