2016 Digital Marketing Workshop: Camp Tech

Most publishers today have a website, blog, and at least one newsletter, as well as accounts on various social media platforms. All of these channels provide valuable ways to communicate with potential […]

Children’s ebooks and digital marketing: An Interview with Joanna Karaplis of Annick Press

In the third installment of our marketing series, we interviewed Joanna Karaplis, Digital Development & Online Marketing Manager at Annick Press, on the future of children’s digital publishing and how she handles marketing for books that have more to offer than the conventional text.

Marketing Interview: Evan Munday of Coach House Books

In the second part of our marketing series, we sat down with publicity guru Evan Munday of famed alternative press, Coach House Books. We picked his marketing brain and gained […]

Ebook Marketing: An Interview with Melanie Jeffs of Orca Book Publishers

How does today’s publishing house effectively market their ebooks? This is the question we are seeking to answer with our foray into ebook marketing topics here at eBOUND. To help […]