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We ensure our vendor list is dynamic, not static.

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About Vendors

Through our carefully vetted retailer and wholesaler agreements, eBOUND clients gain access to a varied array of markets, at competitive rates. We advocate for our clients, saving them time, money, and offering only the most beneficial terms for small to mid-size publishers.

We are constantly researching and reassessing the digital marketplace, discovering new methods to deliver your books into untapped and lucrative markets. We stay on the forefront by continually adding new and promising distribution partners. For a list of vendors we currently have agreements with please feel free to contact us.

We make sure the way to profitability is clear so publishers can focus on content, not complications. Our team is well-versed in the proprietary requirements of all of our vendor partners, and will help ensure that no metadata errors or file compatibility issues prevent our clients’ ebooks from reaching the widest audience possible.

Special Vendor Rates

We negotiate favourable terms from our retail and wholesale partners to get publishers the highest possible revenue.

Better Conversion pricing

We have developed partnerships with the top conversion, teams to provide you with the services that fit your timeline, budget and overall expectations.


free resources

We develop resources to provide insight on topics including marketing and publicity, production, industry standards and more.

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eBOUND has been a huge asset to the digital side of our publishing business. Their support team is incredibly responsive. Having them on our side makes me feel more confident in navigating our day-to-day digital distribution operations.

Matthew Chan

Integrated Solutions Manager, House of Anansi Press

Recently, BWL Publishing Inc worked closely with eBound Canada converting select titles into Accessible files. eBound's guidance was invaluable. They made the process quick and painless and were with us each step of the way. Highly recommended.

Nancy Bell

Acquisitions and Editorial Manager, Books We Love Ltd.

Our experience with the Benetech Certification Program was insightful and clear. While the process is a time commitment, the recommendations and corrections were clearly communicated and the team was available to answer questions and provide technical support. The certification process built confidence in our epub quality and the accessible experience we are providing our readers.

Maia Desjardins

Digital Projects Coordinator, Wilfrid Laurier University Press