Implementing the Accessibility Features of EPUB3, presented by Matt Garrish

Although EPUB 3 is built on a foundation of accessibility, EPUB 3 publications are not accessible simply by virtue of their existence. It takes both an understanding of the issues and a commitment to data quality to move to a more inclusive publishing model that embraces that there is no one universal reading modality.

To this end, this session will explore the features that the new standard makes available, what is involved in their production, and what the current state of support is. Both through looking at markup and its rendering, viewers will learn about:

  • the new navigation document and how to tailor its presentation
  • the logical reading order and markup best practices, including:
  • the new HTML5 structural elements
  • semantic inflection via the epub:type attribute
  • audio/video accessibility
  • image descriptions
  • MathML for equations
  • WAI-ARIA and progressive enhancement techniques for scripting
  • the new text-to-speech technologies for enhancing playback quality

EPUB Accessibility Resources

The slides from this presentation are available below. They’re a great resource for referencing specific aspects of implementing EPUB3 accessibility features, we encourage you to use them in conjunction with the video.

Click here to access Matt’s slideshow presentation.