EPUB to MOBI and KF8 Conversion, presented by Laura Brady

You’ve finished making the EPUB for your shiny new ebook, so what’s next? Well, if you want to sell it through Amazon’s Kindle ecosystem, you’re going to have to convert it. To help demystify the conversion from one ebook format to another, we enlisted the help of book production specialist Laura Brady. In this session recorded in October 2012, Laura takes viewers through all the steps they’ll need to know to successfully convert their reflowable EPUB books into MOBI and KF8 ebooks suitable for sale with Amazon.

In the one hour video below, viewers will learn:

  • how to prep the reflowable EPUB file for conversion to reflowable MOBI/KF8 (including formatting for poetry)
  • how to simplify and optimize the CSS for MOBI/KF8
  • the key changes to make in the OPF and EPUB file structure
  • how to use Kindle Previewer to preview and QA the MOBI/KF8 file
  • formatting optimized for KF8’s features
  • media queries for KF8
  • how to use images, fonts, and colour in KF8

EPUB to MOBI Essential Resources

Laura Brady has shared her slideshow with us. The slides are a great resource for referencing specific steps in the conversion process, we highly encourage you to use them in conjunction with the video.

Click here to access Laura’s slideshow presentation.