How to Withdraw Assets from Vendors

When withdrawing assets from vendors, there are two courses of action that you can take. You can withdraw the asset individually from each vendor or you can update the metadata to withdraw an asset from all vendors it has been distributed to.

Before attempting to withdraw your book you will need to first ensure that the Asset Status is set to “Active”. This will give CoreSource permission to send Withdrawal Distributions.

To withdraw an asset individually from vendors you click on the asset in CoreSource, then on the Distribution Status tab, it is the very last option. Then, in green or red, next to the vendor partner it will say “Distributed” or “Failed.” 

Hovering over the “Distributed” will give you the option to withdraw the asset. Click on this.

After you have chosen to withdraw the asset from the vendor in question, you can withdraw it from other vendors as well.

As well, you can change the status of the asset to Withdrawn from sale in the metadata if you wish to withdraw the asset from all vendors. If you are pulling a Metadata Extract from CoreSource in order to update the Publishing Status, be sure to export the file as an excel file so that you can re-ingest the file into CoreSource.

Once the publishing status has been set to 11 Withdrawn from sale and the metadata uploaded successfully to CoreSource,  the withdrawal distributions will go out automatically.

When withdrawing assets, be sure to check that the withdrawals were successful. If there are problems with the metadata or items missing that will not allow the asset to be distributed, such as missing pricing scheme or imprint information, then the asset will not be withdrawn from the vendor.