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Basic CoreSource Functions – Videos

These three videos will show publishers to activate distribution channels set up by eBOUND and Ingram. To set up a distribution channel, follow these steps:

    1. Send your delivery info to our Digital Services Coordinator. She will then request the channel be set up and notify you once it is complete.
    2. Check if the channel is activated. In CoreSource, your company administrator can view distribution channels under the Administration tab. If a channel is greyed out, it is inactive. If it is blue, it is active.
    3. If the Distribution Channel is inactive, the administrator must complete the following steps:Step One   Create a Notification Recipient. If you have previously done this, skip to the next step. You only need to create a Notification Recipient once.Step Two   Create a Distribution Manifest for that channel.Step Three   Select the proper notifications in the Notifications Menu of the Distribution Channel. You need to select the manifest for that channel, and the generic Completed With Errors and Completed notifications.Step Four   Activate channel in the Customer Settings tab of Distribution Channel.

To see how to complete these steps in CoreSource, watch the following videos.

Setting up recipient lists

Setting up notifications

Setting up distribution channels


For agency pricing in CoreSource:

In this tutorial, we will show you how to add agency pricing within CoreSource. If you are distributing to Apple and have not uploaded agency data, you can set Apple pricing from within the system itself. This video will show you how.