New eBOUND Vendor Partner: Odilo


eBOUND is pleased to announce a new partnership with library eContent provider Odilo.

Odilo is a privately held Spanish and USA based company dedicated to developing the most innovative and creative solutions for libraries. With over 2,000 customers worldwide, Odilo offers a comprehensive product suite for the discovery, management, and distribution of library print and digital materials.

Currently used in 43 countries, Odilo defines and designs  efficient, user-friendly solutions, serving the needs of public, private, university, school, and special interest libraries, while enabling them to transition into the future.

With their strong international presence, especially in Spain and Latin America, high quality English and Spanish titles are an essential piece of the Odilo lending catalog.

Odilo is dedicated to providing an open ecosystem where libraries can buy books from Odilo, along with publishers and digital content providers of their choice (with no technical restrictions). eBooks are compatible with numerous devices, including Android devices, eReaders (Kobo, SONY, and NOOK), iPads, iPhones, iPod Touch, Kindle Tablets, Macs, NOOK Tablets, PCs, and Smartphones.

Odilo is headquartered in Madrid, Spain, with offices in Cartagena, Spain; Denver, Colorado; Mexico City, Mexico; and New York, New York.

For more information on eBOUND’s partnership with Odilo, or to request a Participating Publisher Agreement, please contact our Manager of Technology.