eBOUND’s Newest Vendor Partner: PaperC

We are pleased to announce eBOUND’s most recent vendor partnership: with Berlin-based ebook retailer PaperC.

PaperC’s goal is to breathe new life into the academic textbook market. Students can either rent a textbook for the semester, buy the chapters they need, or bundle all of the texts for a certain course. They also have a subscription plan, or the traditional one copy/one user purchase model. Publishers can decide which distribution models they would like to opt in or out of.

Although based in Germany, the PaperC website and app is available to readers worldwide, and they are actively seeking English-language content. They currently have 375,000 titles in their catalogue, and 14,000 active users.

Their platform uses an HTML5 web app to display texts, which is responsive and available across desktop, iOS and Android apps.Paper C screenshot

To learn more about PaperC, or request a copy of the participating publisher agreement, please contact our Manager of Technology.