eBOUND enters agreement with BookGrabbr


With all of the newfangled marketing tools out there that you can use to try to get eyes on your books, word-of-mouth recommendations are still inevitably the most powerful form of encouragement.

BookGrabbr has harnessed the power of the personal recommendation by creating a platform for authors and publishers to share extended previews of their books through social media. You share an excerpt of a book on your social media profile, and your followers “Grabb” the content, and share it on their pages, too. When those people’s friends see the post, and they click the link, they will be prompted to do the same thing, creating a viral marketing opportunity.

Authors have the ability to track real time analytics on how many people are reading their content, how many social media news feeds their book is showing up on, how many of those readers have clicked to purchase the book, and what countries their readers are coming from.

eBOUND has negotiated a contract with BookGrabbr on behalf of its clients. For details, please contact our Manager of Technology.

eBOUND clients can learn more about the platform and their services by watching our webinar with BookGrabbr CEO Daniel Langston here.