2016 Digital Marketing Workshop: Camp Tech


Most publishers today have a website, blog, and at least one newsletter, as well as accounts on various social media platforms. All of these channels provide valuable ways to communicate with potential customers, but they all require continual updating, with new content delivered in a consistent voice.

Writing content for the web, and finding interesting and innovative ways to engage with your readers is becoming an increasingly important skill in the digital era, and one that publishers need to constantly continue to develop. Keeping up with your social media accounts can also be a massive time suck, so you want to be sure that the energy you are expending in producing content is garnering the desired returns.

Camp TechWith those needs in mind, we called on the expertise of Camp Tech, a Toronto-based tech skills training hub. Camp Tech workshops are designed for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and people who work in the marketing departments at small and mid-size organizations, so they are a perfect fit for eBOUND’s clientele. Their mandate is to teach their workshop participants skills that can be put into practice right away, and each workshop is personalized for the particular needs of the attendees.

We have worked with Camp Tech to facilitate an intensive half-day workshop called How to Create a Relationship With Your Online Audience. Camp Tech instructor Helen Tremethick, who has the excellent job title of Chief Word Nerd at the Communications Distillery, will guide participants through exercises to help them develop their unique brand voice, and write content for various online platforms to engage readers. Helen’s session is designed to be highly interactive, and give participants the tools they need to promote their books and represent their firms in the best light.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be revealing more information about the rest of the workshop sessions, and publishing a full agenda. Keep your eyes on this page for more details soon!

Tickets for the workshop are on sale now. To take advantage of Early Bird rates, register before January 31st, 2016 here.

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