Introduction to Findaway – Powerpoint Presentation

eBOUND has signed an agreement with Findaway to distribute clients’ audiobooks to Findaway’s vendor partners. Findaway powers the audiobook category for a number of eBOUND’s existing vendor partners, including Scribd, […]

Basic CoreSource Functions – Videos

These three videos will show publishers to activate distribution channels set up by eBOUND and Ingram. To set up a distribution channel, follow these steps: Send your delivery info to […]

To Cloud or Not to Cloud: What Secure Storage Can Do For You

Learn the pros and cons of using an online storage system, and the questions that you should ask of a service provider before you give them all of your data.

Universal Analytics — Knowing a Little Bit About Everything

In December 2014, Monique Sheridan (Boxcar Marketing) hosted this informative look into the useful world of Universal Analytics.

Introduction to 3M Cloud Library System

Heather McCormack, Collection Development Manager for Cloud Library, explains this easy-to-use digital-lending system designed specifically for libraries. Libraries currently using the 3M Cloud Library system: Brampton Public Library Burnaby Public […]

Introduction to Canadian Electronic Library

Library co-founder and CEO, Bob Gibson, introduces eBOUND members to the nuances of the Canadian Electronic Library (CEL) system.

Video: Adventures in Appland

In late 2012, House of Anansi Press started discussing the idea of creating their first app, and in March of 2014 they finally launched The Massey Lectures App.

What Publishers Need to Do Now to Be CASL Compliant

Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) is coming into force on July 1, 2014 with multi-million dollar penalties attached.

Metadata Best Practices for Bowker

Metadata gives customers the information they need to make informed book purchases and is therefore essential for discoverability and encouraging online sales.

Social Media Metrics In-Depth

As a savvy publisher, you know that social media impacts your business. Trouble is, it can be difficult to measure that impact precisely. You’re not alone…

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