DAM Another Day: CoreSource Workshops Debriefing

Here’s a little known fact for you: There is at least one fan of Canada’s national winter sport in sunny Tennessee—if not Canada’s winter—and that’s Ingram’s Buffy Bales. Between the Leafs’ games and the Canucks’, Buffy was able to fit in some quality time with eBOUND’s clients and fill us in on the many new developments introduced by CoreSource over the past year. Buffy strove through snow and…more snow, to teach us how to get the most out of our use of the DAM.

The following is a highlight reel from Buffy’s presentation.

Industry Trends:

  • Ingram is seeing lower ebook pricing across the board
  • China and India are key emerging digital markets
  • Publishers are starting to experiment with non-traditional formats like XHTML5, ePUB3, and EDUPUB
  • The subscription business model (like Scribd) has been increasingly popular

CoreSource Developments over the Past 12 Months:

  • Ability to upload files from browser
  • Create a new Title Group/asset in the UI
  • Copy metadata from one asset to another
  • Preview functionality in-browser

Buffy told us that the following reports are the most often used in the CoreSource system. Have you pulled each of these reports? If not, give ‘em a whirl!


  • Failure Report

Asset/Title Group

  • Title Group/Asset Listing
  • ePUB Validation
  • Asset Descriptions/Contributors


  • Metadata Extract
  • Metadata Fitness


  • Distribution Audit/Failure
  • Comprehensive Distribution Report
  • Title Feedback

Monitoring Title Status through CoreSource

There are three different methods you can use to keep on top of asset distribution, and make sure that your content and metadata files are distributing successfully to vendor partners:

  1. Monitoring ingestion and distribution notifications via email. If you are not currently receiving those notifications from Coresource by email, and you’d like to, please send Caroline Pisano an email to have your name added to the distribution list for your account
  2. Checking the Distribution/Ingestion status in the CoreSource user interface. You can find all the details of your latest ingestions and distributions through the Ingestion and Distribution Queue under the Home menu in CoreSource
  3. Run a report for failed distributions. Two useful reports are the Distribution Audit Report and the Distribution Failure Report under the Distribution Reports menu>

Other recommendations from Buffy:

  • Check on the Distribution Status (under the Dashboard menu in the UI) to get a quick snapshot of the status of all of your distributions to different vendor partners at once
  • Export the Total Asset Listing report into Excel in order to create pivot tables to show which assets are missing. For more information on how to do that, contact Shannon Culver

CoreSource in 2015

Here are some new features that are on the horizon for CoreSource this year:

  • The Metadata Extract report will output a file in the CoreSource metadata template format, so that you can upload that same template back into the system
  • Price effective dates set in metadata will be able to trigger metadata updates, so that you don’t need to manually distribute metadata to start/end price promotions
  • Adding support for academic journals
  • Storage and distribution of print metadata and assets
  • Integration with Digimarc Guardian to watermark files, and prevent pirating
  • Ability to generate Tip sheets from metadata in CoreSource
  • Delivery of eGalleys to booksellers and librarians through CoreSource

If you would like to learn more about any of these topics, feel free to send our Manager of Technology, Shannon Culver an email.